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What's the Light Bulb Replacement Service?

Members who switch all their services to our unique Discount Club could take advantage of our revolutionary Free Light Bulb Replacement Service.

FREE LED light bulbs

We’ll replace all the light bulbs in their home with the latest energy-efficient LED bulbs, typically worth £300 - £500 including fitting. The bulbs are bright, light up instantly and are fully dimmable.

FREE expert installation

Our professional team of bulb fitters will install their new LED light bulbs, completely free of charge.

FREE lifetime guarantee

For as long as they keep their services with us, they'll never need to buy a light bulb again. If a bulb ever needs replacing, we’ll send them a new one in the post – free of charge.

Reduce their electricity bill – FOREVER!

LED bulbs use up to 15 times less electricity than traditional ones. This means a typical household will use around 15% less electricity – FOREVER!

What happens if I want to cancel my services after having bulbs fitted
I'm a tenant, how can I take advantage of this benefit?
What if I move home?
What if I have more than one home?
What bulbs do you replace?
Do you offer different coloured light bulbs?

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