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Can I switch to another supplier if I have a smart meter?

Switching to us with smart meters

If you're joining us with smart meters from another supplier, we'll only be able to keep your smart functionality if your old provider installed smart meters like ours. If your meters are not 'Secure smart meters' you can still switch to us, but your meter will be treated as traditional meters. You'll need to submit meter readings again to get accurate bills. However, the industry is already developing a solution that will allow all smart meters to stay smart whenever you switch your supply in the near future.

If you're concerned about whether you can continue to use your smart meter when you switch to us, please contact us, you'll need your meter serial number and the make and model of your smart meter. 

Switching away from us with smart meters

If we've installed your smart meters, that won't stop you switching to another supplier. Before you start the switch, check that your new supplier can support your smart meters so that you can decide if you want to go ahead with the switch and lose your smart meter benefits.

If they can't, you can still switch but the meter will be treated as a normal meter and you'll need to give your own meter readings again to get accurate bills.

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