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What Energy tariffs do you offer?

To make things simple, we only ever offer four tariffs for you to choose from:

We guarantee you’ll save money forever, compared with the average of the cheapest variable tariffs available from the ‘Big 6’ suppliers:

Our Value is at least 0.5% cheaper than the 'Big 6' and available to all of our Members. This tariff is also offered to all of our Members who pay for their energy on a prepayment meter.

Our Gold is at least 2.5% cheaper than the 'Big 6' and is available to Members who also take Phone and Broadband at the same address with us.

Our Double Gold is at least 5% cheaper than the 'Big 6'

Our Double Gold Fixed Energy Tariff is our cheapest Fixed Price tariff and is available to our Members who also take Phone, Broadband and Mobile service with us at the same address.

Click here to see our tariffs.

We also have two extra tariffs:

  • Prepayment 
  • Feed-In Tariff

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