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What do the screens on my gas prepayment meter mean?

You can find out lots of information from your gas prepayment meter. Don't worry if it all seems a bit confusing, we've created this useful guide below to show you the information you can see on each screen. To flick through the screens, just press the red button on the meter.  If you need any help understanding the meter screens, just contact us and we'll run through this with you.

Screen Description What this means
00 Last card credit How much was applied to the meter with the last top up
OWED Outstanding The current amount outstanding from any emergency credit and standing charges
01 Last debt repayment How much of the last top up went towards debt on the meter
02 Last emergency credit repayment How much of the last top up went towards the emergency credit
03 Last gas payment How much of the last top up went towards the gas usage
09 Tariff 4 The current tariff (in kWh)
10 Tariff 5 The current tariff (in kWh)
17 Standing charge The daily standing charge (in pence)
23 Gas allocation rate                      This should show as zero (please let us know if it doesn't)
24 Gas debt repayment rate The percentage of credit to be used to clear the debt
25 Gas debt - weekly minimum The minimum amount you need to pay weekly
26 Gas debt - weekly maximum The maximum amount the meter can take weekly
27 Gas debt How much of a debt remains to be paid
32 Card Number Will display the card number assigned to the prepayment meter

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