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What's a smart meter?

A smart meter gives you much more information than a traditional meter!

When we replace your gas and electricity meters to smart meters they'll:

  1. Send us your meter readings
    That means no more estimated bills! Once you've got a smart meter, it'll send us regular meter readings - so you don't have to! You can also decide how often your meter readings are sent to us - once every half hour, once a day or once a month (known as your 'data preference').

  2. Help you keep an eye on your energy costs
    With a smart meter and the smart meter display, you get easy to understand information about the energy you're using. This means it could help you cut your bills!  

  3. Make sure your information is safe
    We'll always look after your information. It's made secure with encryption and we stick strictly to the industry guidelines about what information we can take from your smart meter.

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