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Why have I been charged for using my mobile in a country I've not been to?

You were near two borders

When you're near the border of a country, your mobile may pick up a stronger signal from a mast in the neighbouring country - this is called inadvertent roaming. To avoid this, you can try changing the settings from automatic to manual network selection and only selecting a network in the country you're visiting.

You've used your mobile out at sea

When you make a call when you're out at sea, your phone will connect to any network it can (Including Satellite networks). Each network is linked to a specific country. As an example; if you made a call whilst on the ferry from Dover to Calais, you could connect to a Belgium network and the calls would look like they were made in Belgium on your bill.

You've used your mobile on a flight

When you make a call on a plane it works the same way as when you're out at sea, networks that you connect to are linked to a specific country. You could be flying over a country you're not visiting and the calls would look like they were made in that country on your bill.


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