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Mobile tariffs

  Value 300 Value 600 Value 1200 ValueMax
Fixed monthly charges
SIM only £7.50 £10 £12.50 £17.50
Optional add-ons (per month)
BlackBerry data (£5) 250MB 500MB 1GB 2GB *
Smartphone data (£2.50) 250MB 500MB 1GB 2GB *
Inclusive monthly allowance
Anynet minutes (inc.voicemail) 300 600 1200 Unlimited
Anynet texts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Out of bundle call charges (per minute)
Local/national (01, 02, 03) 30p 18p 12p Free
UK mobile numbers 30p 18p 12p Free
Out of bundle charges for text messages
UK mobile numbers 4p 4p 4p 4p
Non-UK mobiles 24p 24p 24p 24p
Picture messages to UK mobiles 24p 24p 24p 24p
Other Charges (per minute unless otherwise shown)
Customer Services (150) (per call) 12p 12p 12p 12p
Voicemail retrieval (per call) 12p 12p 12p Free
Top 50 International destinations 15p 15p 15p 15p
0800 / 0500 / 0844 / 0845 20p 20p 20p 20p
0870 / 0871 20p 20p 20p 20p
Directory Enquiries
(118383) (per call)
75p 75p 75p 75p
Mobile internet (dial-up WAP) 15p 15p 15p 15p
Data (per MB) in the UK
(excess outside bundle)
5p/20p 5p/20p 5p/20p 5p/20p
  Full tariff Full tariff Full tariff Full tariff
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*Unless they choose Budget Control, Gold Talk and Double Gold customers receive a 4GB allowance, and any excess UK data is charged at 2p/MB.

(i) 'Anynet' means calls to any UK mobile network or UK landline number (starting 01, 02, 03) and includes voicemail retrieval. (ii) Where we have supplied you with a handset, you will need to pay a monthly handset charge (as shown in our mobile handset guide) for the duration of your minimum contract term, in addition to the charge for your chosen price plan as shown above; thereafter your monthly payment will automatically reduce to the cost of your underlying chosen price plan (iii) For more information on International call prices, roaming costs, and all other charges, please click here. (iv) All call charges shown are in pence per minute except where stated.
More small print in relation to our products and services is here.