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What changes have been made to Double Counting?

When you sign up a new member and subsequently sign them up as a Partner, the new member account will remain with you and you will receive the Customer Gathering Bonus (CGB), Bonus Points, QUIP (if applicable) and ongoing Personal Residual Income.

  • The new Partner has their own member account, Double Counted, under their new position, and they receive Personal Residual Income as soon as they are a Qualified Distributor, even if QUIP has been paid.
  • If you place the new ID in your team structure, the virtual link will remain with the Double Counted member account. This will also count as a Group member for any of the new Partner’s upline until your own Partner position.
  • You will not be paid additional Group Residual Income on this account as you’re already getting the higher Personal Residual Income payments and your upline will be paid on one Group member.
  • Should the new Partner cancel their position in future the Double Counted member will disappear from the Genie and you will continue to be paid on the remaining account as a personal member.

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