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Where can I find the new NGL and NNL changes?

New rules for promotion to top Leadership Positions

To better align the interests of those who are approaching the top of the Stairway to Success with those of their teams, and encourage top leaders to help others following in their footsteps, we are changing the structure requirements for achieving promotion to NGL and NNL.

The new NGL structure is as follows:


The simplest way to understand these new requirements is that we have created an entry-level NGL position which is much easier to achieve than currently, with a correspondingly reduced maximum earnings potential (but still much higher than SGL). The new NGL 3* position has exactly the same structure as the old NGL position, with exactly the same earnings potential.

In keeping with our ethos of treating our Partners fairly, we are including some important provisions designed to protect existing SGL’s who might be overtaken more quickly as a result of these changes.

The new NNL structure:

Consistent with the changes we have announced to the structure required for promotion to NGL, new NNLs will now need to have at least one NGL leg – this will be balanced by reducing the number of SGL legs required. The total number of legs for each star position remains unchanged at nine, but there will also be a structural requirement in addition to a customer growth requirement to achieve the various star positions.

Additional rules on top leadership positions

(i) A 90-day commission protection period will apply on initial promotion to NGL and NNL under these new rules, to allow time for leaders to consolidate their new structure;

(ii) The group income of existing SGL’s (who had been promoted by 20 March 2017) will be protected until 31 March 2021 (ie: for 4 years) in the event they are overtaken by a member of their team; the protected income will be based on their average group residual over the 12 months ending March 2017, and protection is subject to them having SGL status on the date each future commission statement is calculated;

(iii) Existing NGL’s on 20 March 2017 will remain subject to the current maximum monthly residual commission of £20,000 until they achieve NGL 4* from when the new higher limits will apply.

(iv) NGL and NNL stars do not count as promotions on the Stairway to Success, so someone who becomes a 3* NGL has not overtaken someone in their up-line who is a 1* NGL.

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